Ian Talbert (The Real Estate Warrior)

Ian Talbert (The Real Estate Warrior)

Realtor / Entrepreneur

Hello world, I am 24 years old, Married, and have been through a lot in a little bit of time. I have owned businesses, served the Army as an Infantryman in the 29th Infantry Division, and much more. There's still a whole lot that I have yet to experience but if there is one thing I know it's business. I have become a highly skilled negotiator, and have had experience selling a wide variety of products. Mix that with my leadership and discipline engraved into my soul from my military experience, and you get a Real Estate Warrior. I look at business in a completely different perspective than almost everyone else in the world. Everyday I work hard to develop new skills, and refine the ones I already have to provide a higher quality service than all of my competition. If my name is behind it, you can guarantee it to be the best because I go to extreme efforts to ensure it whether it's a product, or a service. Trust me, in this modern day and age you want & need someone like me who will literally go to WAR for your business. I could write a book about myself, but for the sake of fitting on this page...if there is anything else you would like to know about me, just ask!

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The Warriors Hobbies

I enjoy a ton of things. Most of all the business lifestyle in general. I love being an entrepreneur. Aside from that I really enjoy anything military, survival training, photography & videography, watching movies, family time, outdoors, playing with my animals, working with my hands, graphic design, and so much more…

A Person You Can Trust

Ian Talbert is an Infantry Veteran who lives by honor and integrity. With the leadership and dedication the Military engraved into him you get a person who runs his business with great core values to help you obtain your goals.

Skills You Can Trust

Buying or selling a home is often the biggest financial decision most people will make in their lives. You can’t afford to have anything less than a top notch negotiator, and that’s exactly what you will get with The Real Estate Warrior.

Service You Can Trust

The Warrior has the best cutting edge business systems that lay the foundations for smooth and efficient transactions from start to finish. They are literally designed to not only save your time, but your hard earned money as well.

Ian is a real go-getter. You don't have to worry about him calling you back. He will. He's got character, dreams and motivation. Work with him and you will be satisfied with your housing situation.

Joel Kavanaugh

Ian does a great job! He's not afraid to work hard and he gets the job done for his clients! Great negotiator as well! I've really enjoyed working with him!

Jonathan Tipton

We were one of Ian's first clients. If he didn't know how to answer our questions, he made sure to contact the right people. We were frustrated due to a badly operated mortgage company, but Ian stuck with us through the closing. I think he has a great future in the business.

Jim Bond

Ian will work hard to meet your needs.

Joseph Sturgill

Solid person Ian is, and a VET at that! Once a vet sets his mind to something you can't beat him.

Mike Ronan

Top notch service, attention to detail and best all, he's not out for himself, client comes first!

Galahad Phillips