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The Purpose Of Business Is To Fund The Perfect Life


Do You Desire More For Your Life?

You Can Live A Life By Design, Not By Default.


Defy Mediocrity & Achieve Your Dreams

Change The Way You Look At Things, And The Things You Look At Change.

Tired of living your life stuck in the proverbial loop? Pay check to pay check job with limited room for advancement and opportunity? There’s a better way to live, seriously…This lifestyle is not a fantasy land that only exists on TV or in movies. Believe it or not, as hard as it may seem to achieve, it’s actually quite simple.

Be a leader, or follow one. The choice is yours to make.

Being an entrepreneur is a way of life. The only rules and clocks you abide by are the ones you set for yourself, and that can take tremendous discipline. As a Realtor you are the boss of your business and that can give you an amazing amount of freedom, if you know how to keep focused. For some people, the life of the typical 9-5 clock-in and clock-out is the only thing they know, and to them they are comfortable with that. I will say that in this business you can work as hard and long as you want, or you can work light and short. However, your success will be a reflection of the quality of the work you put in.

Being a Realtor is a fun, and valuable experience. You get to help people in making what’s most likely going to be the biggest financial decision of their life, and thats a pretty cool thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as easy as HGTV makes it seem. Being a Realtor takes a lot of hard work and skill if you want to dominate your competition. Typical days consist of quality lead generation, following up with calls and emails, preparing market analysis’s for sellers, meetings, showing homes, taking pictures and videos, managing your advertising & marketing, open houses, door knocking, cold calling, and much much more.. It sounds like a lot but over a little time you become efficient at managing and leveraging your time so that there is a method to the madness.

You will get to know so many people through this industry that it feels like everywhere you go you know everyone, it just comes with the territory, and that’s exactly what you want to be successful in this business. You want to know everyone, and you want them to know you, because that’s how you gain consistent business. Remember, you are a business owner. So it’s important that you run your business like a business. Set guidelines to follow and be disciplined enough to follow them and you can do great.

The most exciting thing in this business is that there is no one to tell you how big or rich you can be. Depending on your definition of rich, you can certainly achieve a lot of wealth through this business not only financially, but in every other aspect of life too.

As a business owner the blade can be double edged. While a regular job may pay your taxes for you, give you nice little vacation breaks and holiday bonuses, or a 401k plan, at the end of the day…you still report to “the man”, who will always control the income you make. They can also control whether you have a job or not. So while you may think you are comfortable and secure where you are at, you are really locked inside a cage and by choice you are handing the key to someone else.

As a business owner it’s up to you to establish a business that will eventually work for you, instead of you working for it. Yeah you have to pay those pesky taxes on your own now and it may feel like the IRS takes every dime you make at times but I promise you the benefits outweigh the risks. Keller Williams is known for having great culture. We put God first, Family second, and business third, in that order. As an agent, think of the agency you work for as your umbrella. They simply provide the basic foundation for you to build your business from. Yes, there are still laws and guidelines you have to abide by but one of the best benefits of this business is you can still brand yourself individually and establish your name.

At Keller Williams it’s not about the agency, it’s about the agent. Keller Williams provides an absolute ton of training to help you achieve your goals in the business because they understand that in order for the agency to succeed, it’s agents must come first. Keller Williams is making a lot of noise in the real estate industry, and it’s not going unnoticed. We are the worlds fastest growing real estate agency. I won’t say it’s because we are better than everyone else, but it is because we have a different approach, and it’s obviously working.

Profit share and what it really means to you…Profit share is my personal favorite benefit of being an agent of KW. Envision a tree with you at the top of it. The way you make money from profit share is simple. The people you recruit into joining the business go into your first tree branch. Anyone that person you recruited brings to the tree goes into your 2nd branch, and anyone that person brings in goes into your 3rd branch, and so on, and so on….So that’s how you build your profit share tree.

Now, the way you profit from this tree is effortless! All you have to do is make sure the people you have in your tree are active in the business and are making sales themselves, and you will get a percentage of their production, simple right? The catch! HAHA there’s always a catch………. Nope, not here. There’s seriously no catch at all, it’s literally that simple. Once a month you will get a direct deposit based off of the amount of money the company profited, and the amount of production the people in your tree produced. How cool is that? KW actually takes it’s profits, and GIVES it back to the agents who support it! But wait, it gets even better…

After a few years with the company you are vested and you will get the benefit of this profit share system for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! That’s right, until you die. Even if you retire, quit, or change companies. You can even name a beneficiary and give it to your kids if you want to! As long as you have people in your tree making money, you will be too.

Another great benefit of KW is the KW Cares charity organization that they have set up. It’s designed to help agents in need, and many more things. So if one day a hurricane comes through and destroys everything you own. KW cares will actually reach out to affected agents who are in hard spots and lift them back up. Like I said, KW takes care of it’s agents.

RED DAY! – Red day is a day that all of KW takes a break from business and gives back to the community in a big way. One day a year we all come together and help with a community project usually helping a family in need. It’s a great day to really give back. Some other companies may do something similar to this, but I can promise you there’s only one RED DAY. I could literally go on and on about the great perks of being with this agency all day long, but nothing will compare to experiencing it for yourself.

Becoming a Realtor is just like getting into many other things. You need a license, and to get a license, you go to school! OHHHH NOO!!! Not school!….It’s okay, Real Estate requirements can vary a lot state by state but it’s really not to tough, and it takes no where near as long as you might think it would. I was signed up for real estate school, passed my tests, and got my licenses all within the time frame of about a month. You can take schooling online, or you can go into a classroom. There are schools all over the place, and in my area, I know the best one so ask me when you decide to go for it!

Some things to expect are fee’s, lots of initial training, and a little bit of time to get your feet on the ground. Being a Realtor requires that you become a member of the National Association of Realtors. You also need to carry specific Realtor insurance called “E&O” to cover you in the event of any legal troubles. It might seem like there will be so much expense to get started but I can promise you that one single sale could cover all your fees with one shot. So while it may seem a little intimidating, don’t let it hold you back. You will want to save a little money or have some sort of emergency fund to have your back while you are initially establishing your name in the business.

It can take a little time to start closing deals depending on how quick you catch on, and how hard you work. The best thing is that KW and myself are here to help you get on the fast track to success and help you jumpstart your career. Once you are licensed and you have payed all your dues you are ready to put your feet to the ground and go to work. That’s all there is to it!

Pros –

  • Limitless opportunities
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Work as little or as much as you want
  • You are the boss
  • Build wealth through investing
  • Hire employees to help you grow and leverage your time
  • Profit sharing
  • Positive & productive atmosphere
  • Create a life by design, instead of a life by default
  • You’re in control
  • Run your business how you want to
  • Ability to achieve your dreams


  • You’re the boss (Sometimes being the leader can be tough)
  • Your hours can be sporadic
  • Your phone can ring all day, and all night at times (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing)
  • It’s a commission based income, if you don’t sell, you don’t get paid (Don’t let that scare you)
  • You have to talk to a lot of people
  • Sometimes you will have conversations that might make you a little uncomfortable
  • It can take money to make money.

It’s not free to be a Realtor. However, it can be VERY rewarding. These lists could both be a lot bigger. There’s pros and cons to everything in life. I can promise you the pros of being a Realtor are far greater than the cons of not. This can create a great life for you. Don’t get me wrong many careers can provide a great life for you, but not many have no limit to how successful you can be like this does.

So you’re ready to dive in? GREAT! That’s exactly the attitude you need, and i’m sure you will do great. If you are ready to make the transition from living a life by default, to a life by design, the design that you create. Simply hit the button below and get in touch with me NOW so that we can get YOU on the fast track for success. Just as I take care of my clients, I will take care of you and see that you achieve your goals too. Because that’s what I am all about. I am the Real Estate Warrior, and I have your back and want to see you succeed. Also, if you have any further questions about anything please don’t hesitate to contact me. Because I won’t hesitate to help you accomplish your goals in life!


All it takes to achieve your dreams is just enough courage to take the risk of going from employee to employer. In my opinion the real risk is not doing it. The only job you will ever have security in, is the one that you’re in control of.

Do you believe in yourself?