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Dr Tim Dunne - Spine & Sports Chiropractic

Dr Tim Dunne


The Local Expert Spotlight is a program designed to shine a light on experts in their industries, and Dr Tim Dunne, the owner Spine & Sports Chiropractic in Johnson City TN is exactly that. Dr Tim is a personal friend of mine whom I have known for a while now. I was introduced to him by my father because he recommended I go see him for my back pain. I had been experiencing some knotting pain under my shoulder blades and generally felt like I was compressed. After my first visit with Dr Tim I left not only feeling tremendously better, but I was also educated on the causes of my pains and some things that I can do on my own to improve my back.

Needless to say, nearly two years later I am still consistently going to see him not only for his wealth of knowledge on health and fitness, but as a friend, and business advisor. I stop in for an adjustment almost every week. After a week of hard work my body starts to feel like a rusted robot. Getting an adjustment by Dr Tim makes me feel brand new again. Even in times when I have a headache, he knows just what to adjust to relieve the pain.

ChiropracticPersonally I strive to provide the highest quality service & products I can in my businesses. It’s becoming rare to see in today’s society. When I met Dr Tim I knew right off the bat that he was a guy I wanted to get to know because I could see that he really stood behind his name and business in the same way I do mine. If it’s not 100% quality, it’s a no go.

The best part about Spine & Sports Chiropractic is that it’s not just another Chiropractic office. It doesn’t feel like going to the Doctor normally does. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate going to any Doctors office. Going to Spine & Sports Chiropractic however, is an experience I enjoy every single time. I always leave feeling brand new, and more educated than I was when I walked in.¬†What’s even better about Spine & Sports Chiropractic over all the rest is the wealth of expertise in health and fitness all together. Dr Tim was also a body builder and athlete for quite some time in his earlier years. He runs his practice with his wife Dr Cindy Dunne. Dr Cindy also has a great deal of expertise in nutritional counseling, and she also does adjustments and education on the 5 essentials. Combining them with their awesome staff they provide an unreal Chiropractic experience.

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Another thing that I appreciate about Dr Tim is that this is just who he is. He loves what he does to the very core of his soul. He loves to help people and make them feel better. He is a very humble and down to earth guy and this is why I enjoy his friendship. Put a person like him in any business and it’s sure to succeed. So when it comes to my body, I trust everything all the pros at Spine & Sports have to offer. I wouldn’t even think once about considering another Chiropractor when it comes to me or my family, and I don’t think you should either. Don’t believe me? Just watch these videos and witness the experience yourself!