The Local Expert Spotlight.

Experts In Their Industry, Personally Endorsed By Ian Talbert, The Real Estate Warrior.

Are you an expert in your industry? Have you established yourself as the “Go-To-Guy/Gal” for what you do? If so I would be interested in interviewing you, but only if you trust that every part of what you do and the business you run is of the absolute highest caliber. Not just anyone can be in the spotlight. The Warrior is very selective in what he puts his name behind, so if you think you are ready to be in the spotlight, be ready to prove you’re worthy of it.


What Do You Do?



 Personal Trainers

 Tattoo Artists

 Mortgage Lenders

Are You A Pro?


 Maid/ Cleaning Services



 Financial Advisors

Do People Trust You?

 Security Professionals

 Moving Services

 Small Businesses

 Printing Companies

 Auto Repair Services

This Program Is Currently Only Open For Local Experts To The Tri-Cities Area Of Tennessee, and Other Select Cities In Tennessee.

It will Expand In The Future.

The Local Expert Spotlight is a program developed by The Real Estate Warrior himself to offer an extremely competitive edge for local businesses and entrepreneurs. Through this unique program you will have the ability to to be exposed to new people. Specifically out of state/town people who are moving to the area. These are new potential customers that you will be marketed to through this program so that you have the first chance to earn their business and establish yourself as the local expert for what you do. The reason you get this exclusive unique ability to touch these people is from the partnership you will have with Ian himself. Being a Realtor he’s often the first person people get to know when they move to the area. But wait, there’s more!

The Real Estate Warrior is a pattern interruptive brand. People want to know just what it is Ian does. Which gives him a very unique ability to market to potential clients. Ian built his business on providing the highest caliber products and services imaginable, and this is where YOU come into play. Ian has developed this program to have the opportunity to not only help local business people, but to also have unique, one of a kind content to blast out to every client he’s ever worked with, will work with, and also people he just generally interacts with.

You will be exposed through very high conversion rate newsletters that get blasted out regularly to The Real Estate Warrior subscribers and database clients. You will be featured in articles and videos that spread across all social media platforms, YouTube, email, and more. You will be featured in our Expert Spotlight scroller in various areas of our website. On special occasions you may even get exclusivity in your field. Meaning if you are an exclusive car mechanic, or babysitter, etc…you will be the ONLY one Ian endorses through this program, thus providing you an extreme advantage over all of your competition.

To learn more please check out the packages below, and click the “Learn More” buttons to see the full details of each program and learn how to sign up!

Starter Package

$ 347

6 Months In The Spotlight (Limited Time Offer)
  • 1 In Depth Full Page Written Review Of You & Your Business.
  • Placement In The Spotlight Rotation Feature.
  • 1 Article Publishing (Your Expert Advice, More About Your Business, etc..)
  • 1 Interview Video About You & Your Business.
  • Consistent Advertising Through My Program To Potential Customers.
  • Lifetime Access To The Social Survival Syndicate.

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Expert PackageBest Value

$ 3497

1 Year In The Spotlight
  • On Going Series Of Interviews & Articles About You & Your Business.
  • On Going Video Series For Youtube (Q&A, Day In The Life, Your Business In Action, etc).
  • 1 In Depth Full Page Written Review Of You & Your Business.
  • Placement In The Spotlight Rotation Feature.
  • Consistent Marketing Exposure Through My Program To Potential Customers.
  • Lifetime Access To The Social Survival Syndicate.
  • Consistent Exposure Through Social Media & Networking Campaigns To Help You Grow.
  • Market Exclusivity

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