Spotlight Program Information and Registration

This is the Starter Package. This version of the Spotlight Program is made for people who can’t quite make the Expert Package commitment. However, there’s still many great perks to it. Below is a list of all the programs features, agreement terms, and other information. Please be sure to read everything fully and don’t hesitate to ask any questions should you have any.

Starter Program Features

  • Interview – The program starts with an interview and will be conducted in person between you, your business and the warrior. Remember this is an endorsement, not just anyone can be apart of this program. Only true experts in their field. The benefit of this interview is that you will get a completely full page on this website dedicated entirely to you and your business. It will feature you, information about your business, how you do it better than others, why people should use you, and just about anything else. Consider it an in depth review of your entire operation. I’m going to “audit” you to see if you truly are an expert. This page will be featured across the website in various areas in our “Local Expert Spotlight” scroller. The scroller will feature your image or company logo, your title, a brief description and social contact information. If anyone happens to click on your section, it will take them directly to your full page where they can learn everything about you and your business. The benefit of this feature is that you will show up in multiple places on our site, and you will also be blasted out in our newsletters when we feature a weekly local expert to our subscribers.

  • Video Production – You will get an exclusive playlist on the warriors channel completely dedicated to your business. Together we will produce videos of which I will be consistently pushing out to my audiences, and you can also direct your customers to them as well. Video is an incredible marketing tool today. Typical videos we will produce will be Q&A’s, your business in action, a day in the life, etc. Together we will develop a video plan that matches your goals. Videos are professionally shot and edited for you by the warrior himself. The benefit of this feature is that your videos will be marketed by the warrior through his blogs, newsletters, social media, and physical marketing packets to his out of state clients who are moving to the area, and to the ones he already has locally to potentially drive you new business.

Video limit = 1 video. You may purchase additional videos if you like for an additional charge of which will be quoted by a video by video basis. The idea is to spread your videos out throughout the year so that you can constantly push out new content to your customer base.

  • Written Articles – If you have not seen the warriors blog by now you need to check it out. This powerful feature provides you similar benefits to video production. In fact, it’s kind of like a double edged knife. You can tie the videos together with an article to compliment them. These articles can be Q&A, updates about your business, information about your business and what you do/how you do it better than everyone else, etc. These articles will also be blasted out to all of the warriors clients and subscribers via newsletters, marketing packets, social media, blog, and more.

Article limit = 1 article. You may purchase additional articles if you like for an additional charge of which will be quoted by a article by article basis. The idea is to spread your articles out throughout the year so that you can constantly push out new content to your customer base.

  • Social Survival Syndicate – By being apart of this program you will get lifetime access to the Social Survival Syndicate. A closed society of business experts from which you can mastermind, learn from, and collaborate with. The Social Survival Syndicate is currently a Facebook group dedicated and accessible only by members of our programs from all over the country. The people in the Syndicate work together to help each other “syndicate” their content across all social platforms to increase the amount of organic (free) exposure your business and it’s content gets.

  • Exposure – By being a member of the Expert Spotlight Program you get intense amounts of exposure by The Real Estate Warrior. Ian developed this program specifically to help business people become more successful, gain new customers, and get noticed. But one of the reasons Ian developed this program is so he can always have fresh, valuable content for his clients and potential clients. This is a unique system far more outside of the box than anything else. The Real Estate Warrior doesn’t promote your typical junk that gets marked as spam or ignored. Ian has built his business based on providing the absolute highest caliber products and services he can to people. You see, almost all businesses, especially real estate businesses are doing the exact same things. Well, if you haven’t already found out. Ian runs his business completely different than everyone else. This brand also sets Ian’s business apart apart. The name “The Real Estate Warrior” is a pattern interrupt that is instantly memorable and changes the way people think about business, and real estate and Ian amplifies the power of this name through world-class branding and marketing.

  • Program Terms – This program is a full 6 month commitment, and you are getting an incredible amount of value with it. Some video production companies charge as much as this entire program costs for 1 video. So think about the amount of exposure you are going to be getting, as well as all the amazing content that can be used for years and years to help you get your business out there more. The biggest advantage of this program is that you are basically going into a partnership with me. We will go to war together. My goal is to help grow your business. The biggest perk of working with me is that being a Realtor I get to do business with a lot of out of town/state people who are moving here. These are brand new clients that probably don’t know much about the area. So when they need to get a tattoo, a haircut, a babysitter, a loan, or a car repaired. Who do you think the first person they are going to call to ask for a recommendation will be? That’s right, their local Real Estate Warrior.

The difference between this package and the Expert Package is that this is only a 6 month term, and the Expert Package is a 1 year term. As well as this package provides only 1 full article, and 1 full video, and the Expert Package provides and on going series of both so you can consistently be exposed and have new content to go with it. This program was developed to help new businesses who may be on a budget, or for those who just simply want to try out a cheaper version of the program to see what it’s like. For the best value and perks. The Expert Package is what you want if you are serious about establishing yourself as a local Expert.

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